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660 Irwin Street, Atlanta GA 30312

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A Full Service Florist with a Twist!

We are a full service florist in the metro Atlanta area specializing in daily flower delivery, weddings, special events, DIY design workshops and weekly/bi-weekly accounts.  We customize all orders to your specific occasion and budget.  Please feel free to call us anytime, at 404-431-0811.

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Did you know that flowers and greenery can have a fundamental impact on our health, reducing stress and helping us find peace of mind?  Multiple studies have shown that flowers have a healing effect on those who receive them as a gift, or who have them in their homes. 

Flower Bar is making no-contact deliveries. Recipients will receive a phone call or text that they have flowers at their door. Thank you for your support! Please call 404-431-0811 for a custom order.